Friday, February 1, 2013

the start of fashion week, edition 1

Friend and coworker Erika and I had our own Fashion Week this week at work.  Initial thoughts...

  • It is awkward taking (many) pictures of yourself.
  • I am highly uncomfortable in front of the camera.  This abated a little as the week went on.
  • I survived having (lots) of pictures of me taken.  It helps that Erika has great pho-tog sills, and is fun to hang out with.
  • And it was fun!  As we were walking away from our shoot this (freezing) morning we were already talking about the next edition.

Here we go!


A rarity, all most all items in this outfit are from this season!
Sheer polka dot blouse:  Target | White lace cami:  Target
Rockstar skinnies (or glorified leggings that you can pass as jeans):  Old Navy
Flats:  Clarks (about 8 years old)
Sand-dollar Necklace:  From high school days | Bracelet:  Made by my grandfather!
Emi-jay hair tie:  If you haven't gotten one of these yet, go buy some.  They are worth it.

Fashion blogger pose attempt.  Haha.

And the most successful shot, cut off the top of my head.  

I forgot that these trousers were hard-found; I went to Old Navy to pick them up, and it was the day after they went off sale, so I refused to get them full price.  I went a couple weeks later with a coupon that wasn't valid yet, so I left again.  I went a third time, armed with a coupon and a sale, and got them for about $12.  Victory.

And lets be honest, this is far more real life:

Anyone else find that sheer shirts make you especially sweaty?  For being see-through, they sure do insulate well.  Maybe I should start running in them...


  1. Eek! If you ran in them, would you get like...ultra UBER sweaty? They wouldn't wick the sweat away! Anyway. Your photographer is amazing, I need her number. Hahaha. You look totally gorg, girl! You gave me much to work with. :)

    1. But I wouldn't be cold! Trade-offs! :D