Sunday, February 24, 2013

food tour of Athens, February 2013 edition. Or, Nutan comes to town!

My bestie from high school came into Athens this weekend to see me.  Or so she says.  She says that she comes to see me, but I know that the food is a close second.  I have a strict no-eating-out on my own rule (for financial purposes, not because I'm embarrased to eat out alone), so I definitely get my fill of Athens goodies when she's in town.

During lunch on Friday, I picked up some salad's from Marti's at Midday for dinner.  You know a restaurant is good when it is successful enough to not have to be open on weekends.  I also picked up some teas.  Now, the teas came in paper cups that I knew would disintegrate by dinner time, so the obvious solution was to pour them into a pitcher.  Well, the smallest pitcher I had was a pyrex.  I thought this was great, but it received a small amount of mockery.
I was house-sitting as well this weekend, so I met Nutan at my house, grabbed our stuff (and the tea), and went on.  The house is in 5-Points and in easy walking distance to the Royal Peasant.  Trying to be a bit lively, I suggest walking over to get a beer and appetizer.  N's game, so we walk over, grab a table, and go to order.  I hadn't wanted to carry my wallet, so I gave my debit card to N at the house, but not my ID.  See where this is going?  We get carded, I don't have my ID, so we have to leave.  Well, we don't have to, but there was nothing else we really wanted.  So back to the house we go, change into sweats, and are eating our salads in front of Duck Dynasty by 7:15.  #granny
The next morning we went to Momma's Boy, which was more than worth the 30 minute wait.  I branched out and got the salmon cakes with poached eggs.  Oh my.  That's all I have to say about them.  After breakfast I took Nutan to some Athens stores, tried to convince her of how awesome patterned dresses are, and had fun seeing the winter sales.  She headed home early afternoon, and I was wiped out by 4.  #granny alert #2.

Thankful for the opportunity to see my NYC friend!


  1. Sounds like a yummy weekend. And I do believe you meant Feb 2013. :)