Saturday, February 9, 2013



Linking up with From My Grey Desk Blog-High Five for Friday

I acknowledge that there are only 3 photos.  I was slow on the camera this week.

1.  Lunch on Monday with Julie and the littles!  At Marti's!

2.  Lunch on Friday with Zakiya!  At Taste of India!  No pictures because we were too busy stuffing our faces with delicious Indian food.

3.  I've decided that for every 5 pounds I loose, I'm going to buy myself a new dress (I'm not above bribery when I'm at a plateau).  Instead of waiting another 5 lbs, I started this week, and found the pink dress at Plato's.  The best part is that it had the tags still on it from a downtown boutique that I frequently admire but never frequent, so that alone made me sold on it.  And for getting it $30 less than the original price.

4.  I'm back to my outside runs!  Well, I had my first one yesterday.  I was asked how I was doing and I responded with, "my legs are about to fall off."  I'm waiting for it to break 35 this morning before I head out again.

5.  Duck Dynasty marathon.  With Bella, who didn't appreciate my rolling laughter, so the cuddling didn't last long.


  1. HF4F sounds like a strain of the flu, like H1N1. Scary. I thought you were telling us you had some sketchy disease. Glad that's not the case!! :) So jealous of the Taste of India lunch, you forgot to report back to me and tell me how ridiculously awesome it was!! Love the Instagram widget-- so fun!!

    1. Thankfully, no sketchy diseases here! I was going to report back about lunch but I was so full I couldn't breathe, so I can definitely say it was awesome. We need to go!