Wednesday, February 6, 2013

fashion week, edition 1 | days 4 & 5


dress, entourage | necklace, target | tights, target | boots, clarks

I really should just call this my miracle dress.  It makes me look way, WAY skinnier than I am.  Every time I wear it I get compliments.  Loud pattern for the win.


Blouse, J.Crew | Scarf, cardigan, jeans & necklace, LOFT | Boots, Clarks

This morning was SO COLD.  It was the quickest photo shot ever because we just wanted to get done and back to the warm.  We also took these photos first thing in the morning, and after seeing them (comparing them to the others) I immediately texted Erika and said that for our next edition we need to always do our photos first thing in the morning. 


  1. So fresh! So cheery! Early morning pictures for the win! Also, by the time we do our next Fashion Week, it will probably be back to being 90 degrees by 11am, which would mean we'd sweat our makeup off (and oh- the sweat stains. YIKES), so early morning will be a necessity!