Sunday, July 29, 2012

gallery wall...complete!

I had it made up in my mind that I wanted to do a gallery wall in my bedroom.  So LAST Christmas while at Ikea I bought a ton of frames.  A ton of frames that sat on the floor of my bedroom.  Then on another trip I picked up a couple more.  And then a couple more.  The pile grew, but nothing ever transpired.  Some living-situation transitions (more on that in a future bloggie) have led to moving upstairs in the condo, so I had a newly painted room to go with and a ton of "let's get this done!" drive.

I definitely didn't think it was going to be a 6 hour + project (spread out over a couple days), or that I'd ever hate saw-teeth hangers so much (more on that below), but I'm done!

Bur first, let's talk about these saw-teeth things.  And let's mention how I can be incredibly absent minded.  While I was purchasing the frames from Ikea I didn't see any picture hangers on the back so I assumed, "oh!  I better get some of those saw-tooth things."  While running errand after errand to Hobby Lobby I finally had the presence of mind to pick up a few packages.  One night I get home from work and set to finally start putting them into the frame.  30 minutes and a banged up frame and thumb later, I have one half-crap one done.
I have about 10 more frames to go and I realize that I'm NEVER going to get done.  I'm about to throw myself to the floor in desperation (or go downstairs and get dinner) when I look closer at the frame.  All of the Ikea frames had these clip things that I didn't know what they were so I just tossed them from mind.  THEY WERE PICTURE HANGERS!  Instead of 10+ frames to fit with the saw tooth hangers from hades, I only had 6 (4 were for the kitchen).  I spent a good long while trying to get them in again; again, meeting failure.  A very pathetic and desperate Diana went to Michael's to find a different solution and the man at the framing counter (maybe sensing my desperation) said "just bring me your frames and I'll take care of it for you."  I went back later (with all 6 frames and a bandaged up thumb from working on this project), and he proceeded to take care of all of them!  Thank you LORD and thank you Michael's.  Michael's just successfully won a loyal customer.  Hobby what?

Moving on, gallery wall!  My steps (mostly inspired by YoungHouseLove)...

  • I cut out sheets of paper in the same size as the frame and marked where the hanger would go.
  • I laid out on the floor how I wanted the layout to be. 

  • I taped the sheets of paper to the wall.

  • Where I had marked the hangers I nailed the hangers in over the paper.

  • I removed the sheets of paper (the elaborate "rip it off method).
  • I hung the frames and fiddled with them a bit.
  • And donesies!

And I'm in love!  There are photos to add/change around, and I want to expand it down more/fill in some holes, but at this time I'm done done done!

Friday, July 27, 2012

How to scare your house-sitter

...or just scare yourself silly while house-sitting.
Preface...I love house-sitting.  The list below in no way deters me, but is just a compilation of the random funnies I've encountered this summer while sitting.

Did I leave a light on...or not?
This is one of the worst.  At home I'm pretty dilligent at keeping the lights off when not in the room and before leaving the house I always do a sweep looking for lamps on/lights on/unnecessary appliances plugged in/etc.  So, when I come home to a house where I'm house sitting at and a light's on...cue paranoia.

Pinterest?  Yes.  One night while house-sitting, I was pintresting and came across a pin called "things a burgler knows" or something like that.  I clicked on it, went to the article and started reading.  Then while on that site I started reading other articles.  STUPID idea.  Best to stick to fun things like "how to make a gallery wall" or Pinterest, you are drunk.

Take this pic.

I pulled into the neighborhood and saw what I thought was clouds of smoke.  I PANICED.  OMG, the house is on FIRE.  No, no.  It's just the neighbors hitting a dirt spot (repeatedly) while cutting the grass.

Animals (in general)
Have to love when they start barking.  At nothing.  Or seemingly nothing...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions

On Monday I made coffee at home, but didn't want to take a travel mug to work (since I usually end up spilling it down myself).  I finished about a half-cup before I had to leave for work and figured that would be enough to avoid a headache for the day.  Come 1:00 p.m....whoa dang.  Exhaustion.  Crankiness.  Those two were a terrible combination to go with when having to deal with Georgia Power for the first time.  My Georgia Power experience followed by a botched Starbucks order led to a pitiful and frustration filled call to my roommate, which then in turn led her to picking up my check to pay for power bill (the first one I was to take care of) and bringing me cake and coffee (as a surprise).  Fail for the diet, A+ for the mood.

I don't have cable at home, a decision I'm always really happy with.  My happiness at this decision was solidified when I've watched about 2 3 hours of TV a night while house sitting this week.  Cake Boss, What Not to Wear...I'm glad you're not in my life on a consistent basis. 

I cleaned out my email inbox this week and based on how proud I was of myself, you'd think I just finished a marathon or something.  Speaking of marathons, I haven't exercised in 4 days.  Tomorrow's exercise is going to be running around Ikea.  I have a 6-6.5 mile jog on Friday morning with a friend.  Gulp.

It has been exactly a month since I blogged last.  Meh.