Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Katie G!

What occasion would warrant me finally posting on the blog again (it is always on my to-do list; posting just stays near the bottom...)? How about one of my best friend's birthdays?!?!

Happy Birthday, Katie!
Katie is one of my closest friends, and I met her while attending UGA. I met her while we were sophomores and I'm pretty sure the first time we hung-out we went to a dance performance on campus. Football season rolled around and cue lots more hanging out...

I have so many fun memories with Katie. When I went to pick out some pics for this post I was overwhelmed by how many options I had (and these were just the things I had documentation of). Here are a few...

There was dressing up like a human rainbow at a concert on Halloween,

completing a 5K,


exploring Athens in our final weeks (or what I thought was my final weeks...),

Katie was a graphic design major while at UGA and her talent is INCREDIBLE. Like, really-really awesome. Photography, printing, designing, should go check out her website. I fortunantly got to see a lot of her work, and it's just really awesome. Here is a pic of her and her now husband at her (super fun) exit party...
Katie recently celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary! Here we are at her beautiful & fun wedding...
I saw Katie most recently when Katie D. and I drove up to visit her in her new home in Virginia last fall (no, that isn't her home we're posing in front of). Since being in Virginia Katie has started selling her handmade books...again, you should check out this site and this one.

I am so sad that we live so far away from one another, but I do love any opportunity to visit!

Katie is really wonderful! I'm so thankful to have her as a friend. Happy Birthday!!