Thursday, March 24, 2011


chunky. bad enough to be called a rodent. but a chunky rodent. ouch.
...a fun saturday at the farm...

"are you smiling for the picture?" ...yep.

spider-web. it's maker was not be found.
peace cobbler.
it's successful completion elicited the "cobbler happy dance."
like most tasty food endeavors do.

tuesday night community group

Tuesday nights are occupied with community group. This past week we celebrated Julie's birthday, and I made her a cake, decorated with minions, obvi. P.S. If you haven't seen Despicable Me, you should go and rent On a baking note I found a new recipe for chocolate frosting. I did some altering from what gave me, but I wasn't too disappointed.
Community group is out at Luke & Julie's and it is BEAUTIFUL out there. I've been itching to shoot out there and I finally got to some this week...
Lily of the Valley...yes!

the law.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I was languishing on the couch for a few minutes (resting up a sore throat which I'm completely blaming on the child I nannied for all weekend), talking to my roommate.

One thing that is different between b. and I is her love of/my ambivalence towards sweatpants (I don't wear them often). However, I'm a huge fan of running leggings. We're talking back and forth about sweatpants after I had commented that my dress-slacks were baggy like sweatpants when an epiphany hit me.

Me, "Hey Brooke!!" (insert a hee-hee-hee)
B., (long suffering sigh and a reluctant) "what?"
Me, "LEGGINGS can be called SKINNY SWEATPANTS! Isn't that AWESOME!?" (hah hah hah)
B., "No, that's terrible!"

So around the 425 I'm calling my running leggings skinny sweatpants, which b. just loves.

Happy Tuesday.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Barbie nostalgia

I really enjoy house-keeping. Including (no surprise) menu-planning when possible. Purposeful wandering in Publix and Trader Joes are little joys in my week. I did so good at buying groceries last week...and didn't cook once. Other than the above cupcakes.
I'm in the middle of a weekend nannying job. She's a great kid to sit for. The weather threw a kink in our plans so I've had to improvise (I'm not okay with her sitting in front of a TV all day, though she requests that).
So, being a good nanny I introduced her to Transmet pizza. Walked around Target and got her a Ken doll. Bought ingredients to bake a cake instead of going to get cupcakes. Baked a cake. Played barbies. Colored. Dinnered. Watched a movie. Danced. Bath, and done.
Baking a cake took around an hour. Wanting to be as cost-effective and time-efficient as possible I knew a mix would be best, and bleh. You can taste the difference. Moving on..."we" made the cake. I'd ask her to stir some of the batter and a minute later, "my arm hurts." I made the icing from scratch (which I think she'd never seen before) and was quickly informed it was too "vanilla-ey." I now have this huge, not-so-great tasting, pretty-to-look at cake. Fail.
Per mentioned, we played some Barbies this afternoon. I played with Barbies a lot as a child. So much that as we pulled out old Barbie clothes I started having flashback-central and found myself talking about when outfits came out, etc. Case in point...the top picture on the right, of barbie in the green mini dress, was the dress that came from "Totally Hair" barbie, and the green version came on Barbie's friend (Barbie's dress was pink; I remember this so well because I definitely had that one. The denim jewel on the bottom right...had that one as well. That bottom left picture...I don't think I would have let my dolls hair be like that (come on. I had a tool-box organizer to keep my barbie doll shoes organized. At age 8.). My poor mother. I remember her buying me a barbie whose hair you were supposed to cut and I cut it too short and just melted down. Sheesh.
Acid washed jeans? Yes please.
I saw this more recent piece and my jaw dropped a little. What. the. heck. and yikes.
A little more first barbie(s) were the Barbie and the Rockers line.
As I was putting the kid to bed tonight she said, "Diana, if I get up really early again we'll do what we did today and get up and play." Me, "OR, you'll stay in bed quietly." For some reason that didn't go over so well. Funny.

P.S. I got a $128 blazer from LOFT this week for $12. Score! I'm super excited about it.