Saturday, November 24, 2012

October and November 2012


I've outdone myself in neglecting this fun little blog the months of October and November.  I usually get at least one blog in a month...but carrying on.  I always think of this little slice of the internet as my scrapbook, and there were some really fun things in the past two months that went on that I do not want to forget.  I want to get this out of the way so I can move onto newer posts without it looming over me that I wanted to note these fun things:
  • I went to the Becoming conference!  I got some great ideas, some major inspiration, and had so much fun.

  • I organized a women's day conference.

  • Went to the dentist for the first time in years, and thanked the Lord again for His major kindness in sending excellent doctors my way.  My dentist is awesome; let me know if you're looking for one!
  • Helped throw a baby shower for my friend Sarah!
*Yard wreath!

*There were 18 cards, and everyone selected a card and wrote a note to EA for her to open on that birthday.

  • So many good & fun church things.  I really, really love my church.
  • Made birthday cakes for a one year old's birthday party!  And acquired a shiny new scar when I put my arm in the oven.
  • Was part of another fall women's craft day.  Yarn wreaths, coasters, and cards galore.  I LOVE these days!
*And way was glad my friend Erika came!
  • Started the process of grad school.  That sounds more definitive then just researching some programs in town and emailing program heads, but at least that ball is rolling now.
  • Had a sweet-sweet birthday party.

  • My dear friends Skelli and Keth (or Kelli and Seth, your choice) got married!

  • Turned 27.  In the Bahamas.
  • Tried to sell my car.  Anyone want to buy a Honda?