Thursday, October 31, 2013

What annoys you?

Hi friends.  It's been awhile.  I do have some things to note in this online scrapbook of mine, but instead I'll begin with this post I've had in draft mode for a couple months.  Be forewarned.  This post is not edifying.  Or practical.  And probably not even that fun.  I started writing it when I couldn't run because of a hurt knee, so I was pretty grumpy.  That being said, this post is nothing but a list of things (first world problems) that just get to me, and I freely acknowledge I just need to chill out.  Saying them out-loud is the first step to recovery, I believe.

"th" or any other letters after numbers.
If I see it in print on something I'm editing, out comes the red pen.  If I see it in something I can't fix, out comes the twitch.

Properly writing married couple's names
I've been told and taught that when writing out a married couple's name, you never split the man's first name from his last name.  So this, Wife-First-Name and Husband-First-Name Lame is correct.  Tom and Jane Smith, no.  Jane and Tom Smith, yes.  I don't know why this rule stuck like glue but it did.

Not parking in the lines
Especially when I can't park by my house when it's cold because you're taking up two spaces.  That's my favorite.

Not using turn signals while driving
Fellow drivers, I promise they're just not accessories on your car!
*Can you tell I've had a few too many (literal) near run-ins on my runs?

Speeding through parking lots
This.  kills.  me.  Yes, let's fly through an area that is full of pedestrians and people backing out of parking spaces in reverse with limited sight views.  Because speeding makes sense in those conditions. 

"It's my OCD."
No, you probably do not have this diagnosable, treat with medication and therapy, mental health condition.  You're just particular about something.  It's okay.  It bothers me more than I care to admit when people say, "I just have to do such-and-such, it's my OCD coming out!"  No, it is your standards and it's okay to have them.

Addressing or spelling my name any of these variations Diane/Dianna/Dyanna/Dana after I have emailed you, when I'm a customer of an establishment, or if you helped flipping NAME me.

Okay, so that's off my chest.  What are some things that get under your skin?
**If you do any of these and I actually know you in real life, I probably don't even notice.  I really notice these when tired/over-worked/stressed/hungry*hangry.