Thursday, October 27, 2011

Closet overhaul.

A new guy got hired at work. In the two weeks he set up shop, he managed to decorate the kitchen space more than my entire dwelling space had been decorated in thirteen months. Cue some external motivation to get to decorating. And what do I start with? The hall closets. Right when you come inside, there are two closets on your left. Up until a couple weeks ago they were a disorganized mess without doors. One of those, "I'll take care of it later" projects.

A few pictures (I'm almost embarrased to show this level of disorganization...):

I know. BAD.

Every wall and the bigger furniture in the house is cream. The doors to the closet that were waiting to be hung up are cream, and that's just a little bit of too much. And it's a tight space, so I really wasn't super keen on the doors. Fortunately roommate didn't care too much in either regard and she didn't balk at my suggestion of curtains for doors AND she liked (too strong a word maybe...tolerated? okay with?) what I found on super sale at T.J. Maxx so yay for curtain doors:

It's ridiculous. I grin almost every time I see them...they make me THAT happy. They're a pretty blueish-green color. They brighten that space up a bit in a subtle way. Decorating hit.

The inside got a revamp too. It started with the space just being sorted properly. I put some shelves and baskets in there, and covered a bit of cardboard to put down on the wire-shelf to be able to support shelves on top of it:

Please disregard the scruffed up wall. I can't see it with the (pretty) curtain-doors closed and I don't care enough to magic eraser it.