Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Reunited with my functioning MacBook with it's snazzy new operating system, and once I get things re-installed and have a bit of time I'll be updating away!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was getting ready to babysit on Friday morning, and went to turn on my computer to send a few emails, work on my schedule, et cetera before heading out for the day. I turned it on, and walked away. When I walked back, the screen was blinking with a question mark.

Not good.

I tried to start it again...same thing.

Cue getting ready to hyper-speed, putting the computer in the car, and rushing over to PeachMac to hear that yes, my hard-drive did crash in a mechanical failure, and then hearing two hours later that all of my data was unrecoverable.

Bummer; especially since I hadn't backed up my computer since March. I'm going to take it as a mark of my emotional maturity that I didn't cry a tear during any of this. I was a mite sarcastic at the Apple Store, but no tears or outbursts (other than the stronger version of "oh crap" when I realized that I stored all of my computer passwords on my computer that was currently dead).

The 365 project did take a hit with this. I'm still diligently taking my photos daily, that'll be posted one day...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A friend got married at a local old home in Athens, and the details on the house were amazing. It was a beautiful wedding, in a beautiful location!
When I was looking at the Anthropology site a few months ago I came across the wide array of doorknobs they offer and I thought, seriously?! However, since scoping out their wares, and seeing the beautiful one at this home, it's something I'm a little more attentive to these days. And yes, I want to have some super snazzy-door knobs in my future home.

She is always underfoot...

When you babysit you come across many different types of children. There are (obviously) huge differences between girls and boys. And ages...oh gosh. I'll babysit for any age, but my absolute favorite is the under 12-elementary school age crowd (and of course, babies). They're just fun. They want to play, respond to rules (usually)...all good. There is a pair of sweet little 6 year olds in town that I sit for who are some of my absolute favorite children to sit for. They like crafty-things. Dolls. Not making messes. And blowing bubbles.