Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was getting ready to babysit on Friday morning, and went to turn on my computer to send a few emails, work on my schedule, et cetera before heading out for the day. I turned it on, and walked away. When I walked back, the screen was blinking with a question mark.

Not good.

I tried to start it again...same thing.

Cue getting ready to hyper-speed, putting the computer in the car, and rushing over to PeachMac to hear that yes, my hard-drive did crash in a mechanical failure, and then hearing two hours later that all of my data was unrecoverable.

Bummer; especially since I hadn't backed up my computer since March. I'm going to take it as a mark of my emotional maturity that I didn't cry a tear during any of this. I was a mite sarcastic at the Apple Store, but no tears or outbursts (other than the stronger version of "oh crap" when I realized that I stored all of my computer passwords on my computer that was currently dead).

The 365 project did take a hit with this. I'm still diligently taking my photos daily, that'll be posted one day...

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