Saturday, April 27, 2013

packing light, and bali fashion.

When traveling, I wouldn't call myself an over-packer, but I wouldn't call myself a light packer either.  For the Bali adventure, I knew that I didn't want to travel with any checked bags because the fam who I was traveling with needed the space far more (they had some of their checked bags in my name, if that makes sense) .  So, carry-on bag it was and I made it!  I'm considering myself a light packer now!

A week before I left I started asking around for a bag and I was loaned a HUGE bag which fit carry-on specifications that was going to be perfect.  Then, Thursday evening I was offered a slightly smaller bag which I fortunately grabbed as well, as this tale continues on.  The Friday night I was packing I had everything in the (bigger) bag when my "supervisor" said the bag was too big (And yes, supervisor.  Knowing thyself, whenever a trip or event is coming I know I become the most productive person ever in all arenas except packing, so I was proactive in asking for help.  All my friend did was just sit in the same room as me I pulled stuff together, but it was more than enough to keep me on task).  Even though this particular bag had travelled as a carry on multiple times I got thrown off, freaked out, and decided to repack in a smaller bag.

Here I am packed, before 10 p.m. and everything.  

I was so proud of myself.

I used a cutthroat packing strategy.  I pulled out everything I thought I'd want to wear, making sure I could mix and match a lot.  Then I pulled a few items out.  I re-mixed outfits, assessed, and then pulled out something else.  I covered my bases, and then did one more cull.  While in Bali I did not miss anything, and I used everything except for the dress I brought with me to travel home in (I wore a different one) and my running clothes (Julie and I optimistically thought we'd go for a run).   

My standard Bali uniform was shorts, tank, and sports bra.  The top combination was crucial because the littles of the trip had the tendency to pull on me, and I came home with some pretty stretched out tanks.  As I was getting ready to come back I put on a tiny bit of makeup and came out of the bathroom wearing the travel dress, one of the littles went, "wow, are you going to work?"  Haha.  Being a tropical island the weather was a delightful swelter all of the time.  It.  was.  glorious.

While harping about the lighter and fluffier parts of this adventure, I'll share this wee-story.  We stayed in the city, which was pretty touristy/metropolitan.  I went on this trip as a nanny so I was occupied almost all of the time, but at one point we (grownups) were done with errands and I ended up having about an hour to myself.  I went walking down a main-ish road, and there were tons of spas/massage salons/etc.  That sounds sketchy, I promise they were not.  Anyways, while walking along taking in everything I passed in front of one of the salons and the kind Balinese lady started talking to me and the next thing I know I found myself in a chair getting a 30 minute neck and shoulder massage.  For $3.50 usd.  I.  KNOW!  Ridiculous.  

Also ridiculous--this spa treatment where you put your feet in a tank full of little fishies, and the fish eat the dead skin off of your feet.  I'm serious.  I'm also serious that I didn't do that treatment.  And I kinda just gagged remembering it.

Friday, April 26, 2013

there, and back again.


And back again.

Since I never like to write about travel plans pre-departure, I'm home now and can begin to share--my travel adventure was to Bali, Indonesia!  I am still pinching myself, not really believing that I was on the other side of the globe, in a different hemisphere, just days ago.  Days...I think.  I have a grasp on what time it is there, what time it is here, but please don't ask about Tuesday-Thursday of this week.  I think I lived a couple of those dates twice, and maybe missed one?  IDK.  It was an AMAZING trip, and homecoming was only made easier by knowing what good people I had to come home to.

I have loads to share, but let's talk about the most pressing issue at the moment.  Jet lag.  I feel bright eyed and alert and have convinced myself that I'm not dealing with it, but let's talk about how I'm bright eyed and alert at 4:37 a.m., have been awake since 2 something, after falling asleep at 11 p.m.

Wikipedia says this about jet lag, The symptoms of jet lag can be quite varied, depending on the amount of time zone alteration, time of day and the susceptibility of individual differences. Sleep disturbance occurs, with poor sleep upon arrival, sleep disruption including trouble falling asleep (if flying east), early awakening (if flying west) and interrupted sleep with multiple awakenings and trouble remaining asleep. Cognitive effects include poorer performance on mental tasks and concentration, increased fatigue, headaches, and irritability...

Sleep disturbances...well, yes.
Cognitive effects...thinking was a bit difficult yesterday after a point.
Irritability...there was a reason why I knew in advance to not make plans for last night, or tonight.  When thinking takes that much effort, it's just not fun!

Is the above worth it, for what I got to experience?  Yes, and then some.  Pinching myself again; I'm so, so thankful.

Leaving you with a teaser,

Sunday, April 7, 2013


cooking adventures
I made these cupcakes for a friend's birthday.

I only had 1/2 of one, and gave the other 23 away.  #winforselfcontrol

I follow chobani on instagram (#nerd), and was so excited to find this at Target!

So excited I bought 6.  #failforselfcontrol

easter recap
I houses-sat for some of my favorite pups,

my church had a beautiful service at The Pond,
communion with the altman's


and I brunched with dear-dear friends afterwards.  #ptl #thankful #whynopicturesfrombrunch

I've been running 40 minutes of intervals at least 3 times a week.  And then I gained 2 pounds.  #notpleased #wrongdirection #muscleweightblahblah

I bought the Naked palette and I'm in love.   I watched a number of tutorials on Pinterest, feel that I can adequately identify on my face the terminology used, and am having a blast in the mornings.  #addon3minutestomorningroutine  And, I purchased my first teasing comb.  I feel truly southern now.  #higherthehairclosertoGod

I read on a blog earlier today (and this is really abbreviated) how a lady made a list of the things that, if she does them, she just feels better.  I'm really running hard this week, so that struck a cord with me.  I know I feel like a better human being if daily I spend time with the Lord, run, have at least one conversation or email with at least one friend, and actually use my eye makeup remover (#small thing).  So that's my #goal this week.

I learned last week what SMH means--shake my head.  It cracks me up, and I am trying to use smh as much as possible.  #sorryfriends #lateinthegame #smh #hahaha

I was at my physical last week and I mentioned that I was going to be traveling soon, and I ended up leaving with 2 shots more than I planned (I was planning for 0).  One of the vaccines was tetanus, which you're warned does hurt.  It hurt the day I got it and the next, and then it stopped.  Then, 8 days later (yesterday) it started hurting worse than it did before!  #whattheheck?  Has that ever happened to you?  Something similar happened with my wisdom teeth--was on the upswing when all of a sudden I felt like crap again.  #idk