Sunday, April 7, 2013


cooking adventures
I made these cupcakes for a friend's birthday.

I only had 1/2 of one, and gave the other 23 away.  #winforselfcontrol

I follow chobani on instagram (#nerd), and was so excited to find this at Target!

So excited I bought 6.  #failforselfcontrol

easter recap
I houses-sat for some of my favorite pups,

my church had a beautiful service at The Pond,
communion with the altman's


and I brunched with dear-dear friends afterwards.  #ptl #thankful #whynopicturesfrombrunch

I've been running 40 minutes of intervals at least 3 times a week.  And then I gained 2 pounds.  #notpleased #wrongdirection #muscleweightblahblah

I bought the Naked palette and I'm in love.   I watched a number of tutorials on Pinterest, feel that I can adequately identify on my face the terminology used, and am having a blast in the mornings.  #addon3minutestomorningroutine  And, I purchased my first teasing comb.  I feel truly southern now.  #higherthehairclosertoGod

I read on a blog earlier today (and this is really abbreviated) how a lady made a list of the things that, if she does them, she just feels better.  I'm really running hard this week, so that struck a cord with me.  I know I feel like a better human being if daily I spend time with the Lord, run, have at least one conversation or email with at least one friend, and actually use my eye makeup remover (#small thing).  So that's my #goal this week.

I learned last week what SMH means--shake my head.  It cracks me up, and I am trying to use smh as much as possible.  #sorryfriends #lateinthegame #smh #hahaha

I was at my physical last week and I mentioned that I was going to be traveling soon, and I ended up leaving with 2 shots more than I planned (I was planning for 0).  One of the vaccines was tetanus, which you're warned does hurt.  It hurt the day I got it and the next, and then it stopped.  Then, 8 days later (yesterday) it started hurting worse than it did before!  #whattheheck?  Has that ever happened to you?  Something similar happened with my wisdom teeth--was on the upswing when all of a sudden I felt like crap again.  #idk

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