Friday, March 15, 2013

HF4F | 3/15

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High Five 4 Friday!
Sorry for the lack of photos!  Not on my computer right now.

1.  This is THE month for birthdays of those near and dear to me.  I love celebrating!

2.  I never thought a television show would make it into my top five, but sheesh.  Duck Dynasty this week.  Hil-freaking-larious.  Then this morning I found clips of the guys sharing the Gospel, testimonies, and how they live out their life for Christ.  Then I started tearing up.

3.  New winning lunch combination--broccoli, apple(s), and best bread. 

4.  I spent time with my friend Susan, and we went to Commerce.  I found a dress that was touted as a "travel dress."  I'm thrilled with it.  Actually, I'm more thrilled with how skinny I'm told I look in it.

5.  I went looking for a travel dress because I have an INCREDIBLE travel adventure ahead of me next month! 

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  1. Have you worn the travel dress to work yet? I need to see!