Thursday, March 14, 2013

thursday morning thoughts

I have nothing of huge significance to contribute to the blogging world this morning.  Thursday mornings are my guaranteed off mornings from exercise (prepping for 3 hard days in a row), and thus it is the time I lounge in bed for two hours, catching up on everything I feel I'm behind on and then get up and clean before rushing to work.

  • Other than be social, I haven't done much this week.  Each night I've had dinner with someone (yeah!), and because I'm an old lady, I've been falling asleep promptly after getting home.  
  • I've been hobbling around this week.  I did this "alpine skier" workout on Sunday afternoon, and I didn't even finish it but when I was done I was shaking and nauseous.  Today is the first day I haven't had to groan at moving.  
  • This weekend I found a ballet workout on Amazon for cheap that I purchased and worked on one night this week...I remembered to be nice to myself and to not expect perfection from the first moment.  It's intense!
  • I also started following the instructor on Instagram.  Her pictures of food and her ballet life are beautiful!
  • I tried almond milk this week for the first time.  And hopefully last time.
  • I read this article about "running on empty" last week, and it shook me up.  Hence why the life changing bread made its way into my life.
  • Much like everyone else, I've been rejoicing in the coming of spring!  I'm almost through with wearing my 4 or 5 strictly winter pieces (aka, wool), and am ready to take them to the cleaners to be retired for the spring.  
  • I wore my sparkly wool skirt this week with a chambray shirt this week, then the next day a very similar outfit was posted on Glitter Guide.  I was pumped!  Then, while I was checking that out I saw what I was wearing at the time (black pants, gray knit).  Then I deflated.
That's all I got.

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  1. What???! Why the hatred for almond milk??! I think it is so delicious, better than cow milk. I plan to never go back. If they would make (or rather, probably, if I could FIND...I'm sure they make it) a good creamer/half-and-half-ish version of it for coffee, then my life could be complete.