Sunday, March 3, 2013

of leggings and ear buds

It's a whole new kind of cold right now.  Like a miserable, stick with you kind of cold.  I got up at 7 to run at 9, but one step outside sent me running back inside.

So here we are,

Bella and I.  That was how she was sitting for a good long while, until she flopped against me to snuggle.  I think she was interested in reading this blog too.

Isn't it great how it's the little things that can bring you so much happiness?  For instance, this morning I organized my phone (while avoiding the cold):

All of the little apps in their new little homes with appropriate names keeps bringing a smile to my face.  What else brings a smile to my face?  Leggings as pants.  OMG.  I remember hating on them when I first saw the trend but now it's one of my most favorite things to wear (and I apparently have no shame).  It seems that whenever I hate on a trend, I always end up getting it before too long.  I hated on colored denim, and the other day I found myself looking at a teal blue pair (no purchase made, but I was looking).  Then, I found myself at Old Navy looking at the clearance rack for a pair of (subtly) printed jeans (again, no investment).  While the pattern was subtle, I definitely remember thinking, UGH, I'll never get a pair of those!  I've been actively anti-neon, and I think that I'll be able to keep up with that one.  I'm wearing more color these days, but my defaults are still black & gray.

What's not bringing a smile to my face--this new phase (it's probably not that new) of people wearing headphones/earbuds while driving and while in stores.  It may just be me, but it seems incredibly stupid to cancel out one of  your senses while operating a couple ton machine, and kinda rude to not be able to hear someone while you're out and about.  Just something I noticed while almost getting mowed down one day this past week by a fellow driver, and on another day after having to trip over another shopper who didn't hear a polite "excuse me."

Alright.  Time to go be a big girl in my running leggings (ha!) and face the cold.

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