Sunday, July 29, 2012

gallery wall...complete!

I had it made up in my mind that I wanted to do a gallery wall in my bedroom.  So LAST Christmas while at Ikea I bought a ton of frames.  A ton of frames that sat on the floor of my bedroom.  Then on another trip I picked up a couple more.  And then a couple more.  The pile grew, but nothing ever transpired.  Some living-situation transitions (more on that in a future bloggie) have led to moving upstairs in the condo, so I had a newly painted room to go with and a ton of "let's get this done!" drive.

I definitely didn't think it was going to be a 6 hour + project (spread out over a couple days), or that I'd ever hate saw-teeth hangers so much (more on that below), but I'm done!

Bur first, let's talk about these saw-teeth things.  And let's mention how I can be incredibly absent minded.  While I was purchasing the frames from Ikea I didn't see any picture hangers on the back so I assumed, "oh!  I better get some of those saw-tooth things."  While running errand after errand to Hobby Lobby I finally had the presence of mind to pick up a few packages.  One night I get home from work and set to finally start putting them into the frame.  30 minutes and a banged up frame and thumb later, I have one half-crap one done.
I have about 10 more frames to go and I realize that I'm NEVER going to get done.  I'm about to throw myself to the floor in desperation (or go downstairs and get dinner) when I look closer at the frame.  All of the Ikea frames had these clip things that I didn't know what they were so I just tossed them from mind.  THEY WERE PICTURE HANGERS!  Instead of 10+ frames to fit with the saw tooth hangers from hades, I only had 6 (4 were for the kitchen).  I spent a good long while trying to get them in again; again, meeting failure.  A very pathetic and desperate Diana went to Michael's to find a different solution and the man at the framing counter (maybe sensing my desperation) said "just bring me your frames and I'll take care of it for you."  I went back later (with all 6 frames and a bandaged up thumb from working on this project), and he proceeded to take care of all of them!  Thank you LORD and thank you Michael's.  Michael's just successfully won a loyal customer.  Hobby what?

Moving on, gallery wall!  My steps (mostly inspired by YoungHouseLove)...

  • I cut out sheets of paper in the same size as the frame and marked where the hanger would go.
  • I laid out on the floor how I wanted the layout to be. 

  • I taped the sheets of paper to the wall.

  • Where I had marked the hangers I nailed the hangers in over the paper.

  • I removed the sheets of paper (the elaborate "rip it off method).
  • I hung the frames and fiddled with them a bit.
  • And donesies!

And I'm in love!  There are photos to add/change around, and I want to expand it down more/fill in some holes, but at this time I'm done done done!


  1. Looks AWESOME!! Way to go Michaels, pulling through like that!! PS. Got my gnocchi today, hoping to attempt your recipe tomorrow!

  2. Thanks! :)
    If you need me to run by and taste test, I probably can.