Friday, July 27, 2012

How to scare your house-sitter

...or just scare yourself silly while house-sitting.
Preface...I love house-sitting.  The list below in no way deters me, but is just a compilation of the random funnies I've encountered this summer while sitting.

Did I leave a light on...or not?
This is one of the worst.  At home I'm pretty dilligent at keeping the lights off when not in the room and before leaving the house I always do a sweep looking for lamps on/lights on/unnecessary appliances plugged in/etc.  So, when I come home to a house where I'm house sitting at and a light's on...cue paranoia.

Pinterest?  Yes.  One night while house-sitting, I was pintresting and came across a pin called "things a burgler knows" or something like that.  I clicked on it, went to the article and started reading.  Then while on that site I started reading other articles.  STUPID idea.  Best to stick to fun things like "how to make a gallery wall" or Pinterest, you are drunk.

Take this pic.

I pulled into the neighborhood and saw what I thought was clouds of smoke.  I PANICED.  OMG, the house is on FIRE.  No, no.  It's just the neighbors hitting a dirt spot (repeatedly) while cutting the grass.

Animals (in general)
Have to love when they start barking.  At nothing.  Or seemingly nothing...

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  1. HAHAHA...I especially love the "house on fire." It definitely does look like that!! Poor Lola, barking at nothing...sheesh. That is annoying even if you own her, haha.