Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions

On Monday I made coffee at home, but didn't want to take a travel mug to work (since I usually end up spilling it down myself).  I finished about a half-cup before I had to leave for work and figured that would be enough to avoid a headache for the day.  Come 1:00 p.m....whoa dang.  Exhaustion.  Crankiness.  Those two were a terrible combination to go with when having to deal with Georgia Power for the first time.  My Georgia Power experience followed by a botched Starbucks order led to a pitiful and frustration filled call to my roommate, which then in turn led her to picking up my check to pay for power bill (the first one I was to take care of) and bringing me cake and coffee (as a surprise).  Fail for the diet, A+ for the mood.

I don't have cable at home, a decision I'm always really happy with.  My happiness at this decision was solidified when I've watched about 2 3 hours of TV a night while house sitting this week.  Cake Boss, What Not to Wear...I'm glad you're not in my life on a consistent basis. 

I cleaned out my email inbox this week and based on how proud I was of myself, you'd think I just finished a marathon or something.  Speaking of marathons, I haven't exercised in 4 days.  Tomorrow's exercise is going to be running around Ikea.  I have a 6-6.5 mile jog on Friday morning with a friend.  Gulp.

It has been exactly a month since I blogged last.  Meh.

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