Monday, June 25, 2012

bestie weekend!

My bestie came in town this week from the big apple!

While we were at church together last night I went to figure out how many year's we've known one another & been friends...15 years.  Sweet Jane (who is in her 70's) shared with us that she was still friends with someone she'd been friends with since she was 3.  In for the long haul!

I greeted Nutan Saturday morning with a photo,
and text reading "towels and tangled jewelry laid out, when r u getting here?"  (I am incompetent at untangling my own jewelry and have had a knot of necklaces waiting for her for about 6 months).  Nunu was craving southern food (she says that she comes to Athens to see me, but food is a close second) so we did a bit of a foodie tour this weekend (if you couldn't tell from my instagram feed; I'm @dianamariaz).  We started out right away at Momma's Boy (biscuits, grits, sweet tea for her);

then after church went to Last Resort to share some appetizers (fried green tomatoes, crab cakes) and Cecelia's cake;

then today we had lunch at Marti's, so tasty!

She had some gift shopping to do so we went to some local faves, and she got some way cute gifts.  (and clothes, of course).  I almost left with a new dress, but 70% off wasn't enough to reel me in.  If it gets to 90%, then I might commit.

I was so sad to see her go, and am getting my NYC trip planned and saved for!

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