Friday, June 1, 2012

a generation of cocktail waitresses

Wondering where this post title is from? (it'll be referenced again a little below)  You've Got Mail!  One of my favorite movies.  The other night it was on (bonus of house sitting--cable!) and I was so excited!  Laughed, cried, the whole deal.

In the interest of actually remembering what I do, weekend (from last weekend...about to start another!) recap:
Saturday...I had to pick a friend up from the airport in the evening, so I left for Atlanta at lunch to stop by Lenox and Atlantic Station/Ikea (both of which were conveniently on the way).  I've had a LOFT gift card for about a year and a half that got well spent (additional 50% off clearance items...I walked away with 3 dresses and a skirt).  I forgot my Ikea list and consequently forgot everything that I had wanted to pick up on my next Ikea trip (I only remembered napkins for an upcoming baby shower).  At BR I found a winter top for $5 (haha!), and at West Elm I knocked over an entire drawer of duvet covers (and no, still no bedding for me).  I collected said friend from airport (or moreso she got me...her flight came in at a different gate and she startled me...not hard to do), and we went hunting for dinner.  Literally, hunting, as in searching for an hour for a particular restaurant (which we did find...success!).

Sunday...I worked for 7 hours at a church wide breakfast.
In one scene of You've Got Mail, Kathleen shares her disdain about 20-something girls who only introduce themselves with their first name.  I laughed, and though, "hmm, I don't think I do that."  Fast forward to work on Sunday.  I'm asked to introduce myself and I go, "Hi, I'm Diana."  Period.  That's all.  I start giggling in my mind then, remembering the scene from YGM, and then add on my last name, so now I sound like I'm introducing myself in a James Bond manner.  Sigh.

Continuing on decorating on a dime:

I covered flower containers with craft paper and voila!  (Another) Cheap centerpiece.  There is the "just put a bird on it" decorating epidemic (which I gladly participate in), and apparently I'm in a "just stick some craft paper on it" phase.

Monday...3 DAY WEEKEND!  I cleaned (what else would I do with free time?) and went to dinner at a friend's home.  Y'all.  The food.  OMG.  I LOVE grilled food, and there were bbq beef ribs!  SO tasty.  And there were homemade onion rings, coleslaw, salad, homemade fries, cantaloupe, mac and cheese, and corn on the cob.  I am hungry again just looking at that list.  The company was excellent, and the time delightful!  So thankful!

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