Wednesday, February 6, 2013

fashion week, edition 1 | days 2 & 3


I've been trying something new with my hair when I wear it straight--no flat ironing, just round brushing.  It's a good deal fluffier when I do that, but I can handle it.  Did you know in high school I used to dye my hair blonde?  It was horrible (hind-sight).

Dress--LOFT via Suska clearance rack | Belt, Gap (circa 2009?) | Necklace, Banana Republic Outlet | Tights, Target | Boots, Clarks

So the hole in my tights can be seen...I wore this on Saturday to a tea that I organized and when I was setting up I got caught on a door.  I need to add gray tights to my shopping list--I forget how versatile they are until I wear them and love them anew.



Everything special about this outfit was from behind.  The ballerina updo, the buttons on my shirt, the exposed zipper on my skirt...a little too much attention behind me, I thinks.  The earrings were a gift from my dear cousin for my birthday this year, and my necklace was a birthday present from last year.

Fashion blogger pose!  Look down!  Look bored!

Top, Gap (2010?) | Skirt, Banana Republic Clearance Rack | Tights, J.Crew | Booties, Clarks (where almost ALL my shoes come from)

So, those J.Crew tights.  Last year I went to J.Crew and they had these tights marked down from $25 to around $5, and I had another percentage off so I grabbed them.  I would never pay $25 for tights, but y'all.  These are something else.  I guess part of there $25 price tag is that they are from Italy, better materials, etc.  I put them on for the first time and went, "oh hey there."  The difference between them and my dear Target stand-bys is SO noticeable!  Makes me want to run over to J.Crew this weekend to see if there are any marked down from this season.


  1. shouldn't have told me about the fancy tights. I don't need to know about what I don't have. Bummer dude.

  2. Hey Diana! You look great! The hair, the clothes, the accessories, the are WORKING it!! :)