Sunday, February 7, 2010

LAC Birthday!

All credit to this idea goes to my friend Erika B. It was on her most well-written blog where I saw her idea of writing blog posts about friends on their birthdays.

Today is my dear friend Laura.Anne's birthday! Per mentioned, I saw this idea done elsewhere, and I thought that it was great. I also thought a trip down memory lane, and a special blog post would be an excellent way to share some birthday love!

Where it all began....

My friendship with Laura.Anne began back when we were both sophomores in college, getting ready to go on our first mission trip to Ghana, West Africa. Yup, our first mission trip was to Africa. Why start local? On our trip I had so much fun hanging out with this sweet individual, and it was also here we began to notice "life-similarities." For instance, going to Africa for trip #1, Polish last names, Catholic backgrounds, and the same major of CHFD (amongst others).

How very thankful I am that we had the same major! We had major friendship time while going through the academic rigors of CHFD. One of my favorite memories from college was during our senior year and us having a 5:00-8:00 p.m. class with a, well, "unique individual" for an instructor. I don't even remember what the course was called. The monotony of this class was broken up through chatting through our computers, trying desperately to not laugh out loud because of said-chatting, and ending with going out to dinner after class. And sometimes dinner was just a piece of cake (literally), if the past three hours had been awful enough to warrant it.

My friend graduated a semester before me, and went back to her hometown. Accordingly, I made my first visits to Columbus, Georgia. My amazing friend purchased a home (less than a year out of college!) that is one of the brightest and cutest I've ever visited. She adopted two dogs, one of whom I've met, and the other I'm waiting to. I love visiting her; I'm really past due for a visit!

Oh, yeah. VERY important. She also got ENGAGED to this fine fellow and will be marrying him in September 2010. Yeah! And get ready for project 365's posts on September 24-25, which will be full of bridesmaid-fun and celebrating at their wedding!

She also visits me up in Athens, GA, where I'm still currently at. Mandatory elements of visits include visiting Helix and other fine downtown shopping locations and embracing Athens cuisine (which we're both huge fans of).

I'm so thankful for such a wonderful, precious friend!


  1. Sweet friend! I love you soooo much! Thank for giving me my own special edition of the 365-challenge! That was super unique and super sweet :) I love you lots!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the shoutout! How did I not notice you had started blogging...???