Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 40

For Day 40 I got a pretty good shot that I liked a lot early on in the day, and was planning for that to be my post (and it will make it's appearance on Day 42). I got home from work and was chilling out at home, and my attention was called to the dogs. I have been reluctant to take any pictures of the dogs for this challenge because, honestly, I take a lot of pictures of them. When I was organizing my photos in December for September-December I had more pictures of dogs than humans. But, they're just really funny.

Case in point: Delilah, the little red-headed dog, is the rounder of the two dogs. Petey, the black & white dog, is tiny. There's no fat on the boy. But Delilah makes up for him. Their beds are the same size, and it cracked me up to see the differences in napping style between the two.

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