Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 37

I prefer quality over quantity. For example, I'd much rather not have a lot of shoes and instead have one good pair. Case in point: these tennis shoes. I waited and waited for them. I'm glad they were a gift, or else I probably wouldn't have them. I take really good care of them--they are exercise-only shoes, and are never worn other than when going to the gym. If it's raining, I won't wear them from the car to inside--I'll keep them in my bag, and then put them on. They gotta last!

They turned slightly traitorous to me on Saturday. I was in a hurry on Saturday (which should be a clear premonition about where this story is going; whenever I'm in a hurry my coordination suffers) while getting ready for work. I turned around quickly to grab something and the next thing I know I'm sailing to the ground, narrowly missing knocking my head on the dresser as I tumble over my shoes.

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