Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 50. No Day 51.

I almost did not want to post this picture. It is awful. Not framed well, poor lighting...just not good. However, I did not expect indigo to be an easy color to find, and I wasn't dissapointed. After keeping my eyes peeled all day (side note, what a horrible phrase: "eyes peeled") this was the closest that I could find. I was a nanny for a few days last week, and the little girl had a birthay party at "Pump it Up", where I saw this close cousin to indigo. I was the only babysitter amidst the group of moms (most who were more stylish that I'll probably ever be), so I settled myself on a bench with a book, and fixed my charges hair as necessary. I facebooked a couple times about how awful the music selection was. I understand that I may be more sensitive than normal about wording in music, but still! Yikes.

I had plenty of purple shots I could have taken on Saturday. I carry a purple purse. The child I was nannying put on a purple shirt because I was wearing one. We went to a candy store with plenty of purple. But the pic didn't happen. Anh.

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