Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 42

Confession...I took this picture on Day 40. But I don't care...that much. It was for this challenge anyway. Moving on...

Speaking of loves...I previously mentioned my affection for Charleston. Here I'm going to harp a little on my affection for books. I love them. I'm pretty sure I always have; mom taught me how to read pretty early on. I frequently find myself in the position of reading far more than one book at a time (see right). I'm reading some with other people, some are majorly teaching me things and I don't want to rush through them, and others are for fun/enjoyment (not that the others aren't...but sometimes it's just a little easier to read a fiction book than a theology/discipline heavy non-fiction). I occasionally judge a book by its cover. I'm excited to have me and all my books in one place one day, with them all on a bookcase(s).

Bookcases/Bookshelves. I've been thinking about starting a weekly theme with my photos, and I can see bookshelves being a weekly theme. One of my favorite things to do upon going to people's homes/offices is checking out the bookshelf. One of my favorite bookshelves is David's at Wesley. I like the lines/compartments, that it fits a ton, that it has a good mix of other elements on it so it's not overhwelming, and that it's tall.

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  1. I am also quite obsessed with other people's bookshelves. You are welcome to come admire mine anytime. :) I have lots and they are filled with lots of books and lots of attention to detail (aesthetic detail, that is. not alphabetical order or anything.)