Monday, January 3, 2011

Working with yeast.

Cooking with yeast was always something that intimidated me. It is tempermental! Right temperature, timing, rising, falling, rising again...sheesh. I was at a loss when the cookbook said to let it rise in a warm place (there really isn't anywhere warm in the condo--it's winter!)
But the days of intimidation are OVER, and I'm committed to learn. I started with the cinnamon rolls...success. Bread was the next adventure. My first loaf didn't come out to well, but second fared far better (probably because I gave it 5 hours to rise as opposed to a half-hour).

Tonight I had a dinner guest and I was going to make pizza (again, requiring yeast). As I was driving home from work the idea of making anything with yeast was just too much (it's just the whole have to wait 2 hour thing that got me today), so the menu had a redesign.
I also made homemade hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream for dessert.
It was divine.
Except for while pouring it into the cups and I missed the cup and poured it all over my hand.
It really was HOT chocolate.
It hurt.


  1. That pasta dish looks amazing! Also, I've never really worked with yeast before either. Any tips, or suggestions of what to try making first?

  2. Thanks!

    I'm going to use a thermometer so I can make sure I get things to the proper temp (not to hot or too cold). I'm fairly sure I was off each time before!