Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I just made my resolutions for the year.

Practice better follow through with laundry
(aka get it out of the dryer after more than a day. Or two. Or three.)

Also practice better follow through with getting gifts/packages to the post office (if you're expecting a Christmas gift from me [and you happen to live in Virginia, Columbus, Indiana, Canada]...it's still in the front seat of my car. Sorry.) I usually have a good reason of not getting to the post office (hello, working 2 jobs), but still...I can plan in advance some here.

Put on lotion.

What prompted the lotion one, you may be wondering?

Well, I was running today at the track at work, which is indoor and carpeted. As I was running I lost my stride and wiped out. Like, drag the floor wipe out. I sat on the floor for a minute, got up, and continued to run (after thanking the Lord that I wasn't outside when this happened and that nothing was broken). As I would continue to run I kept passing the foot-long or so streak of white which was where the top layer of skin on my calf got burned off (my calf looks something rough right now). Clearly more lotion is needed in my life.

P.S. The best part of this story was the dear front desk receptionist (who is just wonderful!) who after I (rather pitifully) said that I had fallen said, "I thought you'd be safer running inside! No cracks in the sidewalk or rocks..."

One would assume.

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