Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project 365, Round 2, Post 2

I'm what some may call sick. I am not saying it, but I will confess that I do have a low fever and have lost the ability to breathe normally. Oh, and I sound...let's just say not so good. It did exempt me from answering the phones at work today. No one could understand me. Since I am at home this evening (instead of where I'd rather be...aka, small-group), I thought it an ideal time to catch up on my blogging. So here we go.
Project 365 posting 2.
A bummer? Realizing I've had my camera white balance off for DAYS. I noticed on day 15. And it's made a huge difference. Sigh.
9. Service to celebrate 50 years of desegregation at the University of Georgia. It. was. incredible.

10. It iced. You could say it snowed too, but really, it ICED. These are the stairs going out of my condo. DEATH. On Sunday night I went out at around 9:45 p.m. and there was no snow, making me think that my roommate may have been correct in prediciting no snow. Then I went out 15 minutes later and it was "blanketed" outside! We threatened to push one another out the front door (and naturally lock it afterwards). When she ran at me I may have reacted defensively (who wouldn't?!)...and nearly jammed her finger. Oops.

11. This was the day I did not step one FOOT outside. I kept myself active by running the staircase inside for 30 minutes. I also did photos of the condo for the home tour. The sweet little bird was from Nutan, who gave it to me as a birthday present a few years ago.

12. I had a dinner party on Friday night, so I started menu-planning and appetizer-baking on Wednesday. I made Mediterranean cheese-crisps. My cousin from Indiana remarked about cheese-crisps and their prevalence in the South. I'm now thinking of them as classy cheetos.

13. Making the lasagna stuffing for said dinner party!


15. One part of the kitchen that I really like are my aprons and pot-holders hanging up on the wall. It's one of the brightest parts of the kitchen (which again, is one of my favorite rooms). Nutan (double shout-out!) gave me an Anthropology gift-card for my birthday, and I got an oven-mitt and pot-holder with it, which feature prominently on the wall (along with the Anthro apron she got me last year...thanks, bud.)

16. Fellowshipping at Link. LOVE this time each week!

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