Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The long awaited home tour begins. Now.

Being confined at home (and sent home from work early) gave me time to blog. Because I couldn't...shouldn't have done much else (and my body is not letting me sleep. at all). So what better time to do the often-mentioned blog home tour?! Exactly!
As I was looking at these pictures I was struck anew by just how much work went into making this home. And just how awesome condo-owner man and his fam are! Wow!
Here we have the entryway.
I had forgotten it was yellow. But oh it was. Almost all of the walls at home are cream, and the baseboards and outlet covers are white. Sooo peaceful!
I didn't get a picture before priming time, but the dining room had been green. With a dividing wall-do-hickey, that is now gone.
I LOVE having people over. Want to come to dinner or brunch?
The kitchen cut-out window. This is such a great element to the condo! I really enjoy it because I can continue to cook/prepare while still talking to roommate/guests. And it makes cleaning up from the dining room so easy!


  1. This looks so nice, Diana! I love it! You have certianly transformed the space. We have one of those cut-out windows between our kitchen and dining room, and I'm so glad to have it. It makes a huge difference, and still allows you to be talking to guests while you're cooking.