Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home tour continues: my space.

Wow. I had forgotten some of these changes. I had blocked them out of my mind. Painting the ceiling, three coats of paint everywhere...yeah, I blocked it out.
Below is my bathroom. The raspberry-pink color was replaced with a beautiful blue (that is bright, great for rooms without windows, like a certain bathroom and kitchen). The shower and commode got thoroughly cleaned numerous times (I don't know how I have lungs left after some of the chemicals I used) and everything else is new. The bathroom was the first area of the house (for me) to be completely set-up and organized.
That was one electric blue room. With a vaulted ceiling.
It's now a muted gray room with white curtains and a level ceiling.

I think put-together/decorating wise my room will be last to be completed (I tend to prioritize gravy boats over bedding), but I do have aesthetically charming aspirations for it. But it's currently put together and organized, which is plenty for me.

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