Thursday, January 13, 2011

success and failures.

THREE days of snow days.
As a friend said, when inside I revert to my default position...baking.
1. Triple-chocolate mint biscotti.
2. I'm having some lovely dinner guests on Friday, and I've menu planned and shopped. I made the appetizers tonight. Or one of them. The other is just going to be roasted almonds.
3. I also tried to make my first homemade pie crust. went straight to the trash can. It was horrible. I'll try again later.

4. I also started on dessert for Friday. Friday's dessert is sugar cookies that I'll be serving with a blueberry/pomegranate frozen yogurt with a homemade chocolate sauce. It's just the sugar cookies I make all the time, so I felt no need to take their picture. I did cut a handful with a coffee-mug instead of with a shot-glass.

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