Monday, January 3, 2011

Loose the baggage

Here we go again! Or not.
I thought (seriously) about doing/attempting the 365-Project again. I've even taken a photo every day this year (not much of an accomplishment since you know, it's 1/3). I'm committed to getting better pictures this year, but I don't want to put the pressure on myself of taking a (good) photo a day. So, so-long personal 365 aspirations. Or maybe. Maybs I'll keep up with pictures...IDK. We'll see what happens...
Picture friend Katie and I got back to her house from a fun New Year's party and as we walked in the front door her sweet dog, Mia, didn't come out to meet us. We could hear her tail wagging (because it was hitting the door) but she wasn't coming out. We were immediately suspicious about what she had gotten into. She really hadn't gotten into something...she got caught in something-my bag! She had gotten the shoulder strap of my duffle tangeled around herself and as she walked around it dragged behind her.

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