Friday, April 2, 2010

A work-full couple of days...

Both posts involve work...the post for day 92 will probably involve work...and I'm okay with that. Because I really, really like my job, and it lends itself to really good experiences and stories.

A better image for today (I hate realizing I missed better shots, or things that I would have rather taken a picture of to remember) would have been of dinner time. Today (with help from roommate Mary) I made dinner for the worship team--some chicken salads (one mayo-based, one italian-dressing based), ants on a log (I still hate celery, I re-learned), strawberries, and some other sides. I really like cooking for people (I think I've mentioned that). And this is cooking for over 20 people! Score. I have always managed to pick some of my busiest days to cook on, without fail. When I signed up weeks ago I thought that I was going to have lots of time to prepare...negative.

The picture is from something going on in a few weeks that my ministry area is organizing--a senior appreciation breakfast for our dear seniors. I'm pumped. It has a lot of potential to be really awesome. Going along with the desire to do things with excellence, I made paper invitations in addition to the evite because hey, it's more meaningful. Unfortunately most of them were NOT picked up, so I'm hoping some delivering magic will happen on Monday.


We had around 380 students sign-up by the deadline for Leadership. Yes, by the deadline. WHICH IS AWESOME! The pic comes from the adventures of trying to figure out how to schedule their interview times. Quite a few ways were brainstormed before the winning one was discovered (conveniently at the time I had to go take a 45 minute break to hear one of the girl's I disciple exit shows).

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