Thursday, April 22, 2010

A full Saturday

Did a picture happen on Friday, 106?
Nope, :(
It was a pretty run-of-the-mill Friday; work-Sams trip for event Saturday-prep for Saturday. But 107 had more than enough to compensate. I still hate that I missed a pic though.


Event 1: Senior Appreciation Breakfast
This was my final Leadership 2009-2010 event, a breakfast to honor our seniors who are leaving. Keenan and I worked together on this--he worked primarily on the online resource and the food preparation that morning, and I took on the invitations and decorative elements, or "look". The theme I went for was "Southern Living." I was really pleased with the final product. There were a lot of fresh flowers, some pretty china, tablecloths...

And more importantly, I loved how it flowed. I believe that the seniors felt blessed, the letters we had from alum were so inspiring, the food was was just really good.

Event 2: Meeting Lorien Elizabeth
Christie, the director that I work with at the Wesley Foundation, had this sweet little girl not even a week before. Lorien had to spend 10 days in the hospital on an antibiotic cycle, and her parents could never leave her unattended. They had a baby-shower to attend from their families, so I had the privilege of getting to be Lorien's FIRST babysitter. I loved it; it was a sweet few hours of holding this precious little girl!

There were supposed to be pictures from a third event this day, a wedding shower for a friend, but I only made it for a few minutes at it before I went home to recoup from the prior few days.

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