Monday, April 19, 2010


On Easter Sunday I went with the Mary and her son James to our community group leader's home for Easter Dinner. For it I made desserts, which were so much fun to make, but also slightly intimidating. The community group leader is quite the baker, and I was wondering if my desserts would measure up to fairly high standards.

Cake #1-#2

The bunny cake. These guys first made an appearance at my friend Hayley's birthday a few years ago. This time around I made everything from scratch. Chocolate butter-cream frosting was one of the most aggravating frostings--it did not like to stay on the bunny. However, it's thickness added a lot of texture, and thus removed the need for having to grate chocolate for the "fur." I like the chocolate ones far more than the yellow/white option, because I don't care for coconut all that much.

Cake #3

I got the idea for this from the Picky Palate food blog. She made this cake using a mix, and added food dye for the different layers. I modified it by using the Betty Crocker "Starlight-yellow" cake recipe, adding food coloring, and also adding fruit that went along with the appropriate color (strawberry-orange-lemon-blueberry). I made BC vanilla butter-cream frosting to go on it. My only regret is that I made the blueberry layer purple instead of blue.

I'll blame the wasp for my distraction.


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  2. Yum! Bunny cakes!

    I want to come over to your house to eat. Everything looks so good. I like your multi-colored layer cake too.

  3. Sorry if that comment posted twice...