Monday, April 19, 2010


On Sunday night my second year project group had a work meeting at my house, and I made dinner for them (I don't provide many ideas, but I can provide food). I was most pleased with what I made--tacos, and a fruity-cream.cheesy-puff.pastry dessert thing. I do not take good food pics, so I wasn't going to take any pictures of it, but I did decide to take pics of the fridge.

In one of the pyrex bowls (another thing I heart [pyrex]) is the salsa I made. A food-processor is key in salsa making. I'm slightly allergic to peppers so they'll never make it into my food, but I then consider it a challenge to make sure whatever I'm making is sufficiently flavorful. I used a variation of the Pioneer Woman's recipe, and it was so good. I diced up some romaine lettuce hearts and avacado, did the meat & bean route, and whipped up dessert.

Per mentioned, it involved fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries), cream cheese, and powdered sugar. I just kind of made it up as I went along--I creamed the cheese and added sugar, then added the fruit. I baked up some puff pastry, and served the fruit mixture inside the pastry shell, with more powdered sugar on top. The fruit mixture was thinner than what I wanted, but it was fairly tasty.

Also in the fridge pic is my newest food obsession--Greek yogurt. If you don't like thick yogurt, don't try it. If you do...go for it. And yes, the Vera Bradley lunch box is mine. I really like bringing my lunch, and I especially like bringing it in that!

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  1. Yum-- I LOVE greek yogurt, we have totally hopped on that (expensive!!) bandwagon! Your dessert sounds awesome. I've made this fruit pizza thing for a baby shower roll out sugar cookie dough like a pizza and bake it (you could really stop here and eat it, telling yourself it's only ONE cookie!), then put on "sauce" of cream cheese/marshmallow fluff blended together, then put on fruit to look like toppings (kiwi, strawberry, blueberries, etc.), it's to die for so thanks for making me crave it.