Monday, April 19, 2010



A necessary part of spring, but one that puts fear in my heart...wasps. I can't STAND them. So imagine my reaction when I heard one buzzing as I was finishing desserts for Easter dinner late one evening.

No, really. You should. I think a word that some may use would be "over-reaction." I consider my reaction to be mostly-logical.

1. I heard it.
2. I screetched (with a heavy dose of whine).
3. I ran to my room to grab a scarf to wrap around my ears and neck (so I wouldn't get stung, duh), and grabbed some sun-glasses (to protect my eyes, clearly).
4. I tried to get him.
5. I failed.
6. Repeat 4-5 a few times.
7. Enter Mary, who snapped a pic, and convinced me that if I left it alone, he'd leave me alone.

So, a little wasp-nemesis joined me in the preparation of cakes.

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