Monday, April 19, 2010

Coffee-shop hopping.

On Wednesday I took a personal day from work to 1) rest, 2) take a day of solitude (mostly), and 3) soul-search/process/think/etc. I had planned to take off and go somewhere, but an astronomically high pollen count kept me inside (I'm not allergic, but it can't be good for you to breathe in that much stuff for long periods of time). Cue coffee-shop hopping. I started the morning with meeting a friend a the gym, came back and got taken to a place of deep repentance, and then headed out to Jittery Joes. Cue massive list-making (I made 16 by the time the day ended). My sweet friend Katie D. came to Athens so I went into town to 2-Story Coffee House to visit with her for a big. After we parted ways I went to Starbucks to process some more, and work on my sweet-spot questions for work. It was a really good day.

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