Monday, April 19, 2010

Catching up

Note to self:
NEVER get this far behind on uploading pics. Or if so, at least write the entry with it.

Some of the top things I LOVE about Spring:
(this list isn't in order of importance)
1. The weather
2. Skirts & shorts, paired with cardigans
3. The sun rising earlier and earlier (and thus the return of going to the gym before work)
Flowers, like these.


I had some desperately received help on #90 when I was making dinner for the worship team. Mary came to my rescue with chopping and dicing vegetables. On my way home from Wesley (after a stop to the doctor's to check on my face and breathing issues...FYI: getting slammed in the face can and did cause excessive sinus drainage in me), I stopped and got her some beautiful hydrangeas to thank her. Two of the three died within 24 hours; the other stem made it a week.

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