Monday, April 19, 2010


100. Approximately 100 days of posting...

When Saturday first came about I thought that I was going to struggle to find a pic. The plan was work. Take care of dogs. Repeat. But Gap shift got cancelled and I decided to go run up to ATL to visit Nutan for a few hours.

I made fairly good time while I was driving, but I got held up at the exit ramp. The exit ramp, from 285 onto Roswell Road. I was on the ramp for over 20 minutes.

But I finally made it! We went and ate lunch, had our eyebrows threaded, and went to one of my favorite places, yogurt...something. Long story short, it is the most excellent frozen yogurt ever, is really healthy for you (seriously), and on Saturday they had BLUEBERRY flavored yogurt(I. heart. blueberries). It was incredible.

While I was driving home I realized that Nutan and I have been friends for 12 years (since we're 24, that's half our lives. YIKES). I can't wait to do her birthday post (ps...our birthday's are on the same day, which is so fun). I have lots of pics to work with.

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  1. part of 400 was closed that day, that is why traffic was so bad. I caught a little of it too.