Thursday, April 22, 2010



Too much time in the car. I drove to Douglasville after Sunday school to grab my spring/summer clothes, and while I was there I saw these irises blooming in my neighbor's yard.

These are actually irises from my mom's dad in Indiana; he was big on growing flowers, as my mom was too. I believe that irises were both their favorites. Before my parents divorced she shared with her neighbor some bulbs from them, and I'm so glad she did. My father, during the divorce, plowed over all of my mom's flower-beds, destroying everything that she worked to grow, including all of her beloved irises (amongst hundreds others...literally. The woman has a green HAND). I'm really glad to be able to see them still; they definitely have a family connection.


After I left community group, I went to play cards with some friends. My CG met off of Barnett Shoals, and Barnett Shoals I know ended on a road I needed to be on, so I took off confidently in the direction I thought I should go in. Then I saw the road sign above after a few minutes.

I hit the brakes. Put the car in reverse. And stopped and stared for a moment, thinking, "what the HECK?!" How is that even right?!

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  1. I remember the irises. And how much your mom loved/loves to garden. I, however, did not inherit this gene.