Saturday, December 18, 2010

Work x ?

I'm babysitting right now for a family who is at some Chrismas parties in Atlanta, so they're getting back rather late. The kid has been asleep (I hope) for almost 3 hours. I've written all my Christmas cards and made a few lists. I don't want to read because I'm scared I'll doze off, so blogging is the clear answer to the question, "what do I do now?" They have a gas-fire and I was sitting in front of it while composing my cards. At one point I thought I smelled something funny...yes, I was sitting too close to the fire. My sweater felt like IT was on fire. I reluctantly pulled myself an inch away from the fire, as that a burn on my back would probably be a damper on the weekend.

I worked at Gap today before babysitting. Christmas is a week away, and the volume of shoppers let me know it. I had a great shift though. The nosy part of me loved seeing what people were buying as gifts (or for themselves; the sale was SWELL today. I left with a shirt for $5, without using my employee discount). And the busy traffic (and getting to be at cash-wrap a lot) really made the hours fly by. This was a definite step-up from the last shift I worked...few (and curt) customers and being exhausted made the hours dddrrraaaagggg.

I also babysat on Thursday for one of my very favorite families. Let me preface this story by saying that I have NEVER fallen asleep while babysitting (unless it was an overnight job and that CLEARLY does not count). I'm blogging right now to stay awake until this family gets home. Anyways, I was flabergasted when one of the children asked me during the movie we were watching, "Diana, are you still awake?" Has my reputation of falling asleep during movies preceeded me that far?!?! I do have a feeling though, that her momma may have shared with her how I can fall asleep rather quickly (and in random places or while sitting straight up).

I definitely avoid watching movies while babysitting because it is so hard for me to stay awake during them (and once while sitting I stood up during amovie to stay awake). But I am doing better though. I stayed awake for two ENTIRE movies in the past few months, no, THREE. Something I watched with roommate, Elf (I think I stayed awake...), and Disney's Robin Hood (which I was watching on Thursday). I'm on a roll!

Toasted...mentioning "toast" I just want to share that I'm having the most intense craving for (my) French Toast. I prefer the French Toast I make over most restaurants. I don't have any time to cook until Wednesday (hello diet of Greek Yogurt, apples, and Luna bars), but getting that made is a high priority. Along with cookies. And granola.


  1. I don't think you should worry about sleeping when babysitting (if the kids are asleep). I used to doze on the couch. Just consider that if the parents were home, they would be sleeping, too (if it were night-time). Also, I can't stay awake during movies. But I can stay awake for like 18 consecutive hours of Real Housewives. It makes no sense.

  2. Ooooh, what's your recipe for french toast? I LOVE it but have never made a satisfactory batch at home....