Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I wonder just how many posts I'll have about cooking this season. But let's be honest. Baking is one of the (FEW) things I enjoy about winter. FEW.
Anyways, I was asked to bake a dessert for our AFUMC Staff Christmas party. I naturally heard "a dessert" and decided to make TWO desserts (for variety). And of course, anything worth doing is worth doing well, so quality baking ensued. I made my FAVORITE sugar cookies and icing (seriously...worth every bit of delicious effort), and "Royal Canadian Cream-Cheese Brownies" (a recipe from the Grit). Each recipe was a bit time consuming, but oh. so. worth. it.

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  1. May I please have your sugar cookie recipe? I love cookies with icing, but don't have a good recipe to use so I've never made them myself.

  2. For sure! I'll email it to you soon.