Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up. Sorta.

I'm house and pet sitting for a few weeks. This evening I decided to come blog in the sunroom where the dog is for some quality time with her. It's kinda late so I figured that she'd just settle down (since we played a lot earlier). No. She gets on her bed which I had pulled besides the couch and she starts to chew on the squeaky toy. The LOUD squeaky toy. I tried to ignore it. I really did. I turned up the volume, opened up my computer...SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK. I then did the equivalent of being a bad babysitter and tossed the toy outside. I offered her the opportunity to go outside to chew it but she didn't take me up on the offer. I came back inside thinking again, all would be quiet. No. She decides to start hopping on my lap, licking my lap-top, et cetera. However, her utter and complete adorable-ness in no way deters any ire.

I ordered pictures to go along the plethora of Christmas cards I bought last year to be my change of address card. I wanted to send out something cute about a new address and I thought that a picture would get the job done...we'll see. It was negative one-million (or 20-something) outside when roommate got my pic and I uploaded it to be printed fairly late...we'll see how good it looks. However, as I am thinking about how I'm going to make it I realize it's either going to look cheap (which it kinda is...) or cute. I'm hoping for cute, but realistic Diana says it's going to look less than great. Oh well.

Ridiculous story of the week...Sunday morning cleaning. I was getting ready for some lunch guests and cleaning up the condo. I was hurrying to finish because I was a little behind schedule (the schedule that I write out for myself weekly; that's normal, right?) and needed to get to Trader Joes to get ingredients for the incredible meatballs that I made. I was cleaning still wearing my pajamas, which includes a scarf (because it is a mite frozen at parts of the condo). I leaned forward while vacuuming to pick up something (know where this is going yet?) and the vacuum caught my scarf. That was around my neck. And started to suck it up. And began to choke me.

Ridiculous? Yes. Was I phased afterwards? Nope. Just detangled myself and moved on. A few minutes later I realized what happened and thought, seriously?!?!?!

Story two. Roommate and I are chatting while I'm putting something into the dryer. I really enjoy the smell of laundry, and I decide to sniff the dryer sheets. I start to say "I love the smell of OW!" I poked myself in the face with the box.

My baking has slowed down because of house sitting, but I made some STELLAR cookies last weekend. And the best was a recipe I made on my own. Mostly. I did have to check a cook-book to see if it was baking soda or powder that you combined with salt to make things rise, but I did not follow a recipe at all and guesstimated my way through it. Am I pleased with it? Very much so. They were SOOOOO good.

In the construction process I got some batter on the wall. The wall BEHIND me and around a corner.

I think rolling things in almonds is the clothing equivalent of throwing on some pearls. Almonds just make most everything look (and taste) better--green beans, chicken, salads, desserts.
Aren't they pretty?

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