Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All the pretty lights

What a FULL two weeks it has been. I've been working three jobs almost everyday. Trying to make sure that said jobs didn't cut me off from people I love, and getting preparations done for Christmas (mom if you're reading this your box for Canada is still waiting to be sent off).

Wednesday onwards the week of Christmas was lovely. I spent so much time with people I love. Christmas Eve was spent at the Gap (not super busy but had a number of characters)-Waffle House (with church family, and such a GREAT time)-AFUMC for the 11:00 p.m. service (and yes, I may have nodded off a bit). On Christmas day I rested a bit, ran, made dressing, and had such an incredibly sweet and fun afternoon/evening with my dear friends John & Cindy and their family.

Christmas night brought SNOW (in case that memo was lost on anyone). Not a fan of the wet-cold but I will definitely concede that it was very beautiful. I did turn down an invitation to go sledding though...the idea of throwing myself down in it willingly doesn't sound all that appealing to me (the company, YES. Snow, um...no.)

I have a lot of precious memories from the past week and I'm so very thankful.

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