Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday party 1 of...

I love parties, especially those of the holiday nature. A perk (one of many) of my job at AFUMC is that in one week I had TWO holiday parties for work in ONE week! YES! The first one was for the youth staff, and it was fun to get to see the people that I email with weekly (I talked to many of them over emails, but had had few "real" conversations with them). The party was at Hendershots and a few of us got there early to set up and decorate. We got there a mite early, and I hadn't any coffee yet, so I promptly got a "cup". I sat down with it, and we noticed that there was quite a size difference between Jason and my cups. Maybe I drink a lot of (good) coffee...
Mine is the cup on the right.
I'm hesitant to put up any of the party pictures with people in them because of not really knowing the people in them, etc. but here are a few pics I got while Iwas standing, I mean...yeah, standing around trying to not look (or feel) awkward.
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