Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow = Forced Rest

Snow = forced rest.
The morning it snowed I got out of bed long enough to boot B. out the door for a few minutes, laughed at her reaction, fed her, then hopped back into bed to read for three hours. THREE. At around 11:30 I decided I should get up and head outside to take a few pictures. I wore almost four layers, by the way.
Now, I'm not one to be big on many pictures of one subject. But B. was SO CUTE in the snow. She's so cute anyways. But oh gosh, in the snow...I mean, just look:

And here she is playing. I was pretty proud of myself for managing to throw the toy and get pictures. As you can see in the top right picture she forgot it at one point. This was all fun for all until she lost her toy and decided to snap at my camera. That didn't work for me so well, and she got left for some independent play while I took pictures in the front of the house.

As you were probably expecting, here is my snow mishap story. The night before when I got home it had been snowing/raining and I parked my car in a hurry to get inside. Per mentioned, I didn't leave the house for a number of hours, so the snow accumulated on my car windows. It comes time for me to go and meet a friend and I put my belongings in the car and while still standing outside, lean in to turn on the car (because I needed to go knock snow off the back). Well...I had left the windshield wipers on. The next thing I know after I cranked the car is a WALL of snow coming at me, and I'm frozen in horror watching it come. Snow floods into my car, covers me...it was horrible. I apologize to the good neighbors on ****** ***** who heard me scream.
My time with B. is wrapping up. In the past couple days she has shown some puppy behavior...aka chewing. I thought I had left my gloves adequately out of reach...nope. They were fingerless when I got them from her clutches. The worst though...I'm re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia and last night as I finished it up I left it on the back of the couch I was sitting on while I went to put something up. Suddenly, I hear a peculiar sound. I hurry back to the sunroom and what to my eyes should appear but my book on the floor (BTW this book is over 700 pages) and a page sticking out of her mouth. And not just any page...the last page of The Last Battle which has one of my favorite, if not favorite, quotes on it. Oh bummer.
See this face?
It's the face of a quote-eater.

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